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The following are all completed feature length screenplays written by Frankie Gaddo in order of most recently completed. Available means the script has not been made and isn't under any current contract or obligation. Unavailable means the opposite.


A Bronx Story

crime, drama

A jaded cop quits the force to infiltrate a drug ring to find his brother's murderer.

Sewer Dreams


A sewer worker is hired as an ad agency's creative director after he goes in to use their bathroom and is mistaken for someone else.


comedy, crime

Two craft store co-workers must retrieve a toy duck connected to a monetary windfall for a crime boss before sundown to avoid being whacked.

Summer with the Leons


A maladjusted fourteen-year-old dumped at his crazy neighbors for the summer must overcome his fear of girls to make his crush living there his girlfriend.

Fellman Liability


An obese alcoholic degenerate must stay employed with his family's collapsing insurance company for one year in order to get on his dying mother's will.


western, drama

A somber aged notorious outlaw helps a timid town face a clan of ruthless bandits while its benevolent reverend helps him find his humanity.

The Sun Is Orange

drama, romance

1990's Toronto, two former dance partners awaken a metaphysical bond between them, which one embraces and one denies, creating a chase and run effect.

Gut Wrench

drama, sport

After his coach transfers schools, a self-doubting high school senior wrestler must lead his team and himself for his last shot at a provincial championship.


comedy, drama, family

An anomalous young adult figuring out his life finds it thrown into further chaos when his parents give him a fervent dog for his birthday.

The Olive Tree

comedy, drama

A reclusive high school freshman is befriended by a want to be Hollywood cowboy at school who teaches him to let out his wild side.



comedy, drama

A vivacious aspiring social worker brings together five peculiar strangers for an afternoon to help solve their existential problems while she copes with her own.

Frankie is currently about half way complete on a comedy feature script.

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